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Dredger D110/47-I-F

Technical characteristics. 

Category of exploited soils I-IV
Output in dry soil 54 m3/h.
Head 27 m.
Output in pulp 430 m3/h.
Type of pulp pump «400/20»
Pulp pump power 100 kW
Type of injector unit «150/30»
Injector power 21 kW.
Maximum distance of horizontal soil transfer with pulp consistence about 14% up to 480 m.
Maximum depth up to 10 m.
Minimum depth up to 0.5 m.
Diameter of the pressure pulp line 200 mm.
Length (maximum) 10.3 m.
Width (maximum) 3.9 m.
Height 3.4 m.
Total weight 9.5 tons
Draft of installation in operation (average) 0.5 m.
Installed power 155 kW.
Voltage 380 V.
Transportation in disassembled condition 1 semitrailer.


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Dredger D 110/47-I-F
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