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Dredges manufactured in batches



 Dredge D 110/47- I-M

мини-земснаряд, производство, продажа 

Dredge D 110/47- I 


Dredge D 110/47- I-F

 земснаряд для добычи ПГС, производство, продажа

Dredge D 110/47- I-1 

 земснаряд для добычи ПГС, Д-110/47 И-II, производство, продажа

Dredge D 110/47- I-2


Universal console

Грохот колосниковый для земснаряда


Пульпопровод, трубопровод, гофра резинотехническая


Запчасти для насосов земснаряда



Transportation of any of our dredgers is 2 long trailers of the type "barge" or "trailer" with a cargo area of at least 12,4 x 2.4 (m). Dredge in immersed condition has been allowed for the transport of the envelope.

The models produced by our company have all the necessary documents to conduct hydro-mechanical works, without which there can be used any dredge on the territory of the Russian Federation:

"Permission to use" from the Federal service, as well as documents from PPP "Russian River Register" and VNIIS "all-Union Scientific Research Institute of Standardization and Certification" .

Dredgers are manufactured in compliance with the mandatory requirements of technical specifications and applicable technical documentation. There are three design patents.

Warranty period 12 months from date of shipment of the products to the buyer.


Phones: +7 (812) 956-28-48, +7 (905) 229-18-64


E-Mail: npo.zems@gmail.com



International project: Chardara Vodorazdelny node (USA-Germany-Kazakhstan-Russia)


The finished products warehouse


Transportation dredgers in two Euro-wagons.







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