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Welcome to the website of NPO ZEMSNARYAD LLC!

ZEMSNARYAD Scientific and Production Association that includes a set of dredge manufacturers.

Dredges manufactured in batches:




 Dredge D 110/47- I-01

мини-земснаряд, производство, продажа 

Dredge D 110/47- I 


Dredge D 110/47- I-F

 земснаряд для добычи ПГС, производство, продажа

Dredge D 110/47- I-1 

 земснаряд для добычи ПГС, Д-110/47 И-II, производство, продажа

Dredge D 110/47- I-2

Universal console

Грохот колосниковый для земснаряда


Пульпопровод, трубопровод, гофра резинотехническая


Запчасти для насосов земснаряда




Our association specializes in the production of dredges, mini dredges, pulp lines, screens, classifiers and other various devices for non-ore minerals production. For your information, the employees of the ZEMSNARYAD Scientific Production Association have extensive experience in the operation of flooded pits and optimizing the sand mining process using dredges, cost reduction and improving the performance of the machinery being used. Dredge manufacturing and sales is the main our business. We would be happy to help you optimize the operating conditions of our dredges, screens and pulp lines to receive the maximum profit per investment unit

We are ready to provide you with all required consulting services for organizing the complete sand mining process, demonstrate the operation of our dredges, screens and pulp lines in the test pit and provide help in learning the trade of dredge operator.

Our priority is to provide assistance to companies that need to optimize dredge and screen operation, increase volumes and lower the cost of sand and non-metallic mineral production.

    NPO ZEMSNARYAD was founded in 2002 as a result of the transformation of companies involved in developing advanced technologies for mining non-metallic minerals in non-navigable water-filled pits.

Following the transformation, all of the experience accumulated over many years of research and development was collected, organized, multiplied and used in the design and production of new-generation dredges and mini dredges with capacity of 54 to 213 cu. m of dry soil per hour.

Our company was the first one in Russia and in the world, who use plastic pipes for building pulp lines in industrial pits. This allowed us to shorten pit commissioning periods by several times and reduce commissioning costs by approximately 15%.

We were the first company in Russia to use 12V low-voltage networks on middle class dredges for shunting winches and other onboard equipment, except for the power section of pump equipment. This significantly improved employee safety.

Jointly with ComAp, we developed and were the first to use compact maintenance-free winches with disc brakes on dredges. They completely eliminated dredge downtime due to reduction gear failure, couplers falling apart and worn pins, which is a typical of classic winches used on dredges from various manufacturers.

Our dredges are the only ones fitted with multi-section maintenance-free pontoons, which have completely eliminated the human factor if the dredge is submerged. Our dredges preserve positive buoyancy in the event of damage or flooding of the engine room or any 6 of 12 pressurized compartments of the side pontoons. This has made the dredge almost unsinkable and absolutely safe.

We also sell:

This grizzly is designed for joint operation with dredges.


 Pulp line

Our company manufactures a flanged pulp line with the following diameters:

  • 150 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm, and 325 mm.


We work closely with all of our customers for continuous improvement of our dredges.

    Our Principles:


    Fast, high-quality customer service.

1. Telephone numbers of the company’s key specialists are ALWAYS on, which means you can receive comprehensive professional advice at any time of the day suitable for you, whether on Monday at 11 PM or on Sunday at 10 AM.

2. We have all spares in stock, from pontoons to cabins, including electric engines and repair kits for the pumps we use.

     Model Succession.

3. We develop dredges from standard and available parts.

4. The dredge design facilitates fast repair in case of failure.

5. Despite continuous improvement of our dredges, we have preserved interchangeability of the main units and aggregates, allowing full operation of our dredges for 15–25 years without any problems; or in case of sale, delivery of a full set of spares from stock for pre-sale preparation in the shortest possible time, regardless of the year of manufacture of the dredge.

      Customers — A Single Family.

6. All companies using our dredges can obtain information from each other on how to solve various problems associated with the technical part of developing complex deposits, which companies have parts available in stock for exchanging the required equipment, and how to sell surplus dredges to any of our customers through a single database.

All of this, together with the low cost of the dredges, the availability of full delivery, installation and commissioning services for a dredge shipped to a customer makes your investments in our equipment fully justified, quickly recoverable during operation of the dredges and protected if a business is liquidated and the equipment sold.

Sales of dredges, grizzlies, rubber-fabric ruffles, spares for dredges and dredge pumps from the manufacturer.

Our details: 


Address: St. Petersburg, Russia

Tel.: +7 (812) 956-28-48, +7 (905) 229-18-64

Contact person: Vladimir Syedin

E-mail:  npo.zems@gmail.com



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