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  • 17.04.09 Decision on reorganization and increase of sales department is accepted.


  • 15.03.09  In spite of the crisis we are working as planned without any reduction of production rate and we seem to be the only company in the industry which has not reduced working hours and production volume.


  • 10.02.09 As from now we aim for a greater expansion of production and construction of lake dredgers. 


  • 05.02.09 One more talented engineer has come to our team, (ex chief engineer of the Limited Liability Company "Gidrotekhnica").


  • 01.01.09 From now on our company takes orders for dredgers of individual design. Serial production continues to be issued in the same volume. 


  • 26.11.08 Since the present moment all dredges will be equipped with frame- lifting winches and winches lifting pile with a new planetary 4-step reducer and electromagnetic disk brake.


  • 05.11.08 All our dredges have auxiliary winches projected specially for our products with а maximum rope capacity of 85 m and cables diameter 9,5 mm., in a standard variant a winch has a 65 m cable.


  • 11.10.08 Finished development and started production of completely injection dredger, received factory index D-110/47-I. An injection dredger will allow to develop small open pits with high output of sand at low cost (there is no need to use fast wearing details of soil pumps).


  • 10.10.08 Old model D-110/47-I 01 is taken out of production, its position in our product line is replaced with the model D-110/47-I-I, which will allow to transfer pulp at distances up to 1235 meters without supplementary pumping and booster stations.


  • 01.10.08 A forced ventilation system of hold is installed in all dredgers that previously was done for additional fee.


  • 20.09.08 All our dredgers have new booms (frame) that permit to increase operating depth to 11m.


  • 15.08.08 From now all models of dredgers have a 4 nozzle jet instead of 2 - nozzle.


  • 02.07.08. Since 01.10.08  the model 110/47 D-II will be equipped with a new boom, that will increase operating depth to 10,4 m.


  • 16.06.08 All dredgers are completed with a new generation control panel, simple and ergonomic, designed for long and uninterrupted work.


  • 10.06.2008 Our company has completely eliminated a waiting list. You can buy any model of dredgers from stock today!


  • 17.04.2008 All dredgers of NPO Zemsnaryad use a new cross dredging scheme. Now each dredger of our company will have four maneuvering winches and one pile for more comfortable work in any setting, whether it be a lake, open pit or river bay.


  • 15.04.2008 We start to develop a new dredger for deep-water sand mining (from 2 - to 46 m).


  • 01.04.2008 All dredgers use more perfect system of stepless smooth start of main motor!


  • 01.03.2008 All dredgers have a new 2-contour fire-extinguishing system in the power plant hold.


  • 04.02.2008 We start to develop dredgers for extraction of sand- gravel mixtures up to 230 mm in diameter and selection of gravel bottom layer, after sand extraction operation, during which the gravel, that does not pass the entry grate, dressed to the dredgers boom, lines the bottom of the open pit, preventing further sand extraction.


  • 28,.01.2008. Association «NPO Zemsnarayd joins one more company «Metalist», that permit to short production time, improve quality of components and for the moment to make all necessary details and spare parts for dredgers series 110/47-I D and D 110/47 -I-II within a single industrial complex.


  • There is accepting applications for production and sale of the both models of dredgers for the end of the 2nd quarter of 2008.


  • In late 2007 - early 2008 we significantly reduced production time of dredgers. Clients of our company expected to receive under the contract their dredger in March 2008, received it in December 2007.


  • 10.01.2008. Redesigned control panel. Its size is reduced to improve convenience. All winch control tumblers (made in China) are replaced with a similar of Russian military-industrial complex passed military acceptance!


  • 12.12.2007. Elaboration of new pile machine (with one pile of bigger diameter) for a better control on a current is begun. Introduction in production is expected to 01.07.08.


  • 28.11.2007. Elaboration of a new boom (frame) for the base models 110/47-I D, that will allow to increase the depth of operation to 13 meters. The new boom will be supplied as an additional option to any dredger of the basic model D 110/47-I.


  • 27.11.2007. Optimization of injector for the new unit helped to increase productivity of model D 110/47-I-II to 198 cubic meters of dry soil per hour.


  • 01.10.2007. From now on, all dredgers of basic models D 110/47-I are equipped with a winch with a traction effort of 5.6 tons that has allowed to equal the resource of winches with the general resource of dredgers (i.e 12 - 15 years). So we optimize maneuvering and lifting systems of dredgers to the maximum achievable reliability level for today.


  • 25.09.2007, We finished to develop a new model of line 110/47-I D, received index D 110/47-I-II index. The new model, along with D 110/47-I will be produced in series from 01.01.2008. (The model D 110/47-I-II will be equipped with the unit with output of 198 cubic meters of dry soil per hour. Central pontoon construction is strengthened. ).


  • 24.08.2007 Model D 110/47-I (0.2) was modernized and received index D 110/47-I (0.3).

             (Since the moment new cabin models will be installed, overview of the front winches and comfort of control are improved, ventilation system is installed.)


  • 12.08.2007 Model D 110/47-I (0.1) was modernized and received index D 110/47-I (0.2).

             (Since the moment will be set new winches with a traction effort more than 4.5 tones, but completely interchangeable with the previous model. Regular reconstruction of floats is made; the number of watertight compartments in each is increased to 6. Fore part of float is strengthened. It is added front and back attachment of a float.)


  • 09.06.2007 NPO Zemsnaryad completely certified the whole line of dredgers D 110/47-I

          (It obtained documents of Rostechnadzor: «Permit to use ...», without which there can't be use any dredger in the territory of the Russian Federation in open pits destined for sand mining, and also documents of the Russian River Register (RRR) and All-Russian Scientific - Research Institute of Standardization and Certification (VNIIS).


  • 12.07.2006 Model D 110/47-I is modernized and received index D 110/47-I (0.1)
           (Jet pump is changed to a model with greater pass-section that will reduce possibility of its blockage with aquatic vegetation. Rotation frequency of the jet unit is lowered; noise and vibration level of the case is reduced. Cabin is replaced with a more comfortable one of bigger size.)


  • 01.11.2005 Model D118/52-I is laid off and replaced with the model line of dredgers D 110/47-I
                     (Jet and ejector systems are replaced with the proprietary model of new generation. Access to repair units of the main pump is improved, thus the case is increased by 1,5 meters. Float construction is replaced with a 5-section unattended model.)


  • 01.01.2004 Series production of model D 118/52-I is started.


  • 22.12.2003 The new site of NPO Zemsnaryad is opened. In this connection, all news of previous years are transferred to the archive.
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